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Is there an API endpoint to upload images to DEV.TO?

daveparr profile image Dave Parr ・1 min read

I'm continuing to work on Some of the future work is sort of clear to me, but I'm still missing a big piece of the puzzle.

How can I take the charts (images) generated by the rendering of the .Rmd, and submit them to

I'm not spotting a POST or PUT method in the api docs. Have I overlooked something, or is it something that might be a future feature?

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Emma Goto πŸ™

I actually want to know the answer to this too! (I came across this post when I googled it) any thoughts @ben ?

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Dave Parr Author

Thanks for the interest. In the end I was pretty sure it wasn't exposed outside the editor interface, so I went with GitHub as the 'Image Host', as convoluted as that is:

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Emma Goto πŸ™

Interesting, that's actually really smart!

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Ben Halpern

Yeah the way we do images has never lent itself to an api making much sense, but we’re re-organizing this and that may change in near future.

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