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Is there a good way to post from .Rmd to yet?

Dave Parr
Data-scientist who loves to use #datascienceforgood, especially in ecology, energy and the environment. Bonsai, gardening, bikes and music when I'm not at a keyboard.
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I know we have blogdown and distill, which are great for hosting whole sites. We also have the github_document output from knitr, which is ok, but a little manual to get something up on the site.

Does anyone know if there is any work being done to publish more effectively to, or something that I might have missed that is well known?

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Dave Parr Author

I posted this on twitter and got some great responses:

So the answer appears to be "RSS feed from my blogdown", which is definitely robust and great for people who already have a blog setup. However, for those of us who don't have blogs, and have a higher tolerance for 'experimental' lifecycle stage code, I started a project to use the api to post. It can be found here: