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Pi Day & Introduction to Raspberry Pi Pico with Coding Grace

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Note: I forgot to upload this for Pi Day and it's our very first Coding Grace video, so want to share this first as we are planning a series of them.

Our next video is a big change up and will be following up this Pi Pico video. Enjoy!

Happy Pi Day! This is our first Coding Grace video and it's an intro to the recently released Raspberry Pi Pico.

Hosts: Vicky Twomey-Lee & Michael Twomey

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Event to note

Raspberry Pi Foundation Pi Day Event at Sun Mar 14, 7PM GMT. More info on Pi Day:

What we will be covering in this video

Raspberry Pi Pico:


Music: So Happy by Scott Holmes Music (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0))


An Irish not-for-profit organisation who run events, and advocates diversity in tech. More information:

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