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Coding Gracing: Introduction to Raspberry Pi Pico Part 2

This is part 2 of intro to Pi Pico. We are trying something new in this video, hope you like it.
Mick will show you a basic circuit set up with Raspberry Pi Pico on a breadboard, jumper wires and a button to make an onboard LED button light up.

0:00 Intro
0:34 Raspberry Pi Pico Pinouts
0:47 Looking at basic circuit in Raspberry Pi Pico
1:40 Hold up, what is this white thing with holes in it? 😆
4:00 Right, so how do you get the led light to light up? 💡
4:37 Coding time! Also we would like to introduce you to the Raspberry Pi 400
5:00 But first... we need to connect the Pico to your computer (in our case, Raspberry Pi 400)
7:00 We need an editor, let's use Thonny (recommended by Pico docs)
7:48 Let's try some code (in MicroPython) to get the LED to light up on the Pico
10:00 Moment of truth to see if it works when unplugged from computer only powered by USB
10:29 Final words and tips
12:03 Wrap up
12:33 Outro


Raspberry Pi

Where to buy


Setup for this video

If you are curious, here's the run-down of what was used:

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