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Do you know Microsoft Forms has a draft feature?

For those of you who do not know Microsoft Forms, say that it is an online tool for the creation of forms and / or surveys located within Office 365.

Microsoft Forms has many and very good functionalities but, there is one that is not there, and customers often request, it is about being able to answer questions at different times of the day, that is, being able to have a draft status.

In the case of surveys with many questions, many sections, and branches, users can find themselves at a loss after answering several of them. It is at this point where being able to save the current survey to finish it at another time is very useful.

However, I said that Microsoft Forms does not have this kind of functionality or, maybe, it does?

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It does and uses a mechanism that most web developers know. The operation of Microsoft Forms is very simple, if a user opens the survey, fills in several answers and then closes the web browser, it is normal that they have lost the answers given. However, if you reopen your web browser and go to the survey, you will see questions with the answers given.

We could think that Microsoft has a space in the cloud where it stores all the responses of all users who have left a half survey. I do not think that is the case because of the implications in terms of money and energy to spend.

But is there any other way to achieve this? Yes, there is and it is about using the localStorage of the browser in use. As simple as that, if there is information for the current survey in your web browser, it will use it to establish the answers you have given.

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I hope this information is useful to you.

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