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#26 - Pillars CodeWars Kata (8 kyu)


There are pillars near the road. The distance between the pillars is the same and the width of the pillars is the same. Your function accepts three arguments:

number of pillars (≥ 1);
distance between pillars (10 - 30 meters);
width of the pillar (10 - 50 centimeters).
Calculate the distance between the first and the last pillar in centimeters (without the width of the first and last pillar).

My solution:

function pillars(num_pill, dist, width) {
  return num_pill == 1  ? 0 : ((num_pill-2)*width) + ((100*dist)*(num_pill-1)) 
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I just used a ternary conditional that checked if the number of pilars is 1, it'll return 0, else, It'll multiply the number of pilars minus 2, by the width, so I can get the length of all the pilars except for the first and the last one, and then I'll sum the distance by 100 so I can get it in centimeters and the result of this by the number of pilars minus one, because to get the sum of the lengths between two pillars I have to rest one, beacuse they are ordered like this:

| -- | -- | -- |

So if there are 4 pillars, there are only 3 empty spaces that contain a length

What do you think about this solution? 👇🤔

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