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#15 - Digits explosion CodeWars Kata (7 kyu)


Given a string made of digits [0-9], return a string where each digit is repeated a number of times equals to its value.


explode("312"); // => "333122"
explode("102269"); // => "12222666666999999999"

My solution:

function explode(s) {
  return s.split('').map(d=>{
    let y = '';
    for(let i = 0; i < +d; i++){
     y += d
    return y
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First I splitted the first string into an array and mapped it, then I made a variable "y" that contained an empty string.

function explode(s) {
return s.split('').map(d=>{
let y = '';

Then I added a for loop that would continue iterating until the i varible is higher than the digit that is being mapped.
Inside of this loop I just added the digit string to the "y" variable, and at the end of this loop I just returned y

Input Digit: '4'
Output String: '4444'

at the end I would end up with an array of strings like this ones:

Input String: '4213'
Output String: ['4444', '22', '1', '333']

So at the end I just joined the result array so I get something like this.

Input string: ['4444', '22', '1', '333']
Output String: '4444221333'

Comment how would you solve this kata and why? 👇🤔

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