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Day 1/100

Cameron Thompson
A student software developer with an emphasis in web development. Currently working on the MERN stack.
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The main goal of the day was to go through the template for a Sanity blog built with Next.js.

Create Next.js Blog with Comments |

Time Start: 10:12pm

I started out by going through the instructions to get the template set up, was pretty easy and all I really needed to do was provide a project name and check the name of the repo for me. Super easy.

Here is the link to the Repo:

Now to clone the repo and learn how it works!

After cloning down the repo, I spent some time going through the folders and files, conecting the dots with where I think things should be to where they actually were. After going some tutoruals I am basically checking for consistancy when it comes to folder structure. After doing so, I wanted to get the local version going. I did some silly mistakes like forgetting to instal my modules and setting my api token for sanity, but after that I was up and running.

Playing around in the studo, doesn't seem to support markdown from this template. I will need ot explore this later. If I can get that to work, then I can simply add my markdown articles right into sanity with little effort.

Messing around with the comment feature, didn't know I needed to approve them to see them on the front end. A handy security feature that wasn't mentioned in the docs.

Found a tutorual for the template I used (if you were to do it by hand) will need to look at this later:

The studio (at the moment) allows you to set the date of the post to a time in the future, it does not schedule posts for you (which would be cool)

Got sanity to atleast show some sort of code snipets, would like to use prismjs for highlighting, but that might take some more configuirng.

Time end 11:15pm

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