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Filament Hero : Update!

Hello everyone! 👋🏻

I just wanted to give an update on Filament Hero and the progress made due to Hacktoberfest!

At the beginning of the month, I posted an article outlining a couple of my repos that will be participating in Hacktoberfest. This led to some great contributions to Filament Hero during the month!

What Progressed?

New Design 📐

When I was getting ready for Hacktoberfest, I decided to dedicate some time to polish the design for Filament Hero, mainly on the "backend". I worked out exactly what I wanted the application to do as well as what type of data models to create.

New Models 📝

I looked at my existing models and realized I can achieve a lot more if I added a few more properties. Updating and adding these new models will allow Filament Hero to be a better application to those who use it by keep track of more data as well as more metrics as well.

New CRUD Methods 🚀

With the new models, I needed new CRUD methods to match them. While doing so, I realized that MongoDB may not be the best choice, which lead me to ask the community what a better DB would be. I am currently still researching and experimenting different DB and ORM providers and I will provide an update with my results.

Newer Look 🔥

I also played around with a newer look and feel with Filament Hero. I updated the data table and added toast notifications when the users creates, updates, or deletes a printer, filament, print, ect. While working on the data table, I noticed that the table gets very wide, especially on small screens, that makes it difficult to view all the information. My question to you is, is there a better way to present the data to the user. For example, to display a list of cars in a fleet with their current status and maintenance data I would normally create a table with all the properties having their own column. Do you just have a side scrolling table on mobile screens? Omit data on small screens? Is there a design pattern I should learn?

That is all that has happened to Filament Hero this month. I am grateful to those who participated in getting Filament Hero further in its development! If you would like to follow along with the development, or want to participate, please checkout!

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