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HTML tags | ruby

It is used to represent small extra text, attached to the main text and rendered above, below or next to it, and usually used for showing the pronunciation or meaning of East Asian characters.

This kind of annotation is often used in Japanese publications. It can also be used for annotating other kinds of text, but this usage is less common.

The term ruby originated as a unit of measurement used by typesetters, representing the smallest size that text can be printed on newsprint while remaining legible.

Use <ruby> together with <rt> and <rp>: the <ruby> element consists of one or more characters that needs an explanation/pronunciation, and an <rt> element that gives that information, and an optional <rp> element that defines what to show for browsers that do not support ruby annotations.

  • Type: inline
  • Self-closing: No
  • Semantic value: No

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