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THE FUTURE OF APPS: Real-time & offline with GraphQL

signalnerve profile image Kristian Freeman Updated on ・2 min read

This video is a talk from Byteconf GraphQL 2020, a free, live-streamed GraphQL conference that aired on January 31st, 2020. Visit our website to sign up for the Byteconf GraphQL "swag bag", a free downloadable resource with everything you need to get started with GraphQL, as well as info about future Byteconf events!

Complexity, and the consistent attempts to reduce complexity, is at the core of the evolution of technology.

As technology evolves, we then find harder problems to solve and are presented with new challenges. In the client space, we've seen innovation that has addressed how we deal with modern application concerns like real-time and offline data while GraphQL has continued to gain in market share.

What happens when we take the advancements that GraphQL has introduced as a paradigm and combine them with a mental model that all data should be local and offline first, with eventual consistency to your database as a second thought?

In this talk, I'll talk about a data store paradigm that allows developers to work with a single, local database and source of truth, and the idea that you should not have to make more than one write action to have (eventual) consistency across the client and server.

Thanks to Nader Dabit, who presented this talk at Byteconf GraphQL 2020!

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