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PlantUMLApp 3.0 - Let's play with AI Multi-Modality

Version 3.0 is out!

New version 3.0 of my PlantUML App for iPad is out with exciting update! 🤩 The new multi-modality feature now lets you transform hand-drawn diagrams into PlantUML scripts with just a pencil ✍🏻 or your fingers 👆. Take a look 👀 to this short on YouTube and download it from App Store to support me 👍🏻.

The Multi Agents Collaboration

In this app I've used Multi-Agents-Collaboration using the LangGraph for Swift framework, applying the process shown in the diagram below:

diagram of solution

As you can see I've used three Agents with different capabilities:

Agent Vision

This agent able to process images, it is skilled on describe a diagram producing a structured output containing also the diagram tipology useful to involve the right Agent for further processing.

This increase the flexibility of system because the image is translated in structured data that can be processed by agents with differents skills and goals

Agent Translator(1)

This agent is skilled on PlantUML sequence diagram. It get the diagram data and translate them in the PlantUML script

Agent Translator(2)

This agent is skilled on PlantUML generic process diagram. It gets the diagram data and translate them in PlantUML script


The Multi-Modality is a capability for enabling AI to interact with and interpret the diverse range of information that humans encounter in everyday life. Unlock such capability can be crucial to amplify the effectiveness of your AI process.
I've started to explore it and, in the next App version, I'd like to introduce a process to auto-correct errors providing to the agents the execution feedbacks.
So stay tuned! In the meanwhile, enjoy coding! 👋


Originally published at on April 8, 2024.

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Sloan the DEV Moderator

Hey there!

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Hi @sloan I read the terms, but I'd like want clarify that all I'm "promoting" is available free in open source and my main goal is to share development knowledge.

In this specific case, the app is also available on App Store at a symbolic price (0.99) with license "offer me a beer".

Hope this clarify and is compliant with policy