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PlantUML meets OpenAI on iPad

ChatGPT and the rise of AI for everyone

Currently after that ChatGPT hase been unveiled to the world seems that nothing has more sense without an integration with the artificial intelligence (AI)

Someone are worried about AI domination and they would want suspend its wide usage, others instead try to use it to provide the next generation of services and tools.

self-pilot vs co-pilot

I think that stopping the development of artificial intelligence will be difficult, but we need a sort of AI governance, my opinion is:

the AI must not be used in self-pilot mode, rather it should be used in co-pilot mode in which the human brain is always involved in the final decisions.

Using AI to help work amplifying your effectiveness, could be one of the main goals of the next future for services and tools developers, so the challenge should be to identify the possibly use cases allowing to express the power of the cooperation with Artificial Intelligencex.

PlantUML as an AI use case

So i've embraced this challenge trying to enhance my "PlantUML App fo iPad" to give the possibility to create and/or update PlantUML diagrams using AI.

For who doesn't know PlantUML it is a tool belong to diagram-as-code category that is an open-source tool allowing users to create diagrams from a plain text language.

I've started with an experimental branch using OpenAI api through the swift package OpenAIKit with the "Text-Davinci-Edit-001" Model and honestly I was really surprised by the Incredible results obtained 😲


The new release of the PlantUML App fo iPad with AI integration is still in development but I couldn't wait to share with you the first amazing outcomes. for this reason, I've realized a short video that contains a simple but meaningful use case


Please take a look 👀 and let me know. In the meanwhile, ... enjoy the AI🧐👋

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