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100DaysOfCode | Day 24, 25(Flask)

Hey everyone, I'm still here again.
Stronger than before...

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It can be a good news for my followers and actually for myself and friends that I started to learn __Flask_ ;)
Back-End is my favourite thing all the time.
You know what? I'm feeling so good when I'm doing something behind the scene when most of the people don't know about what's going on but you Know!
So I have a plan in my journey, I'm gonna start with Flask and then I'll start to lean Django.
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I researched a lot about what is the best python framework for beginners to start, I realized the best choice could be the Flask and then __Django.

Cause I think you have more Idea about Back-End and server-side.
That was my decision which I wanted to share with all of you my friends to help me keep moving forward and just let me know if you have any Idea or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment below.
Thank you so much for reading my articles and posts.

Keep Moving Forward

Enjoy Your Journey 👊

Code with 💛


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here we go

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Tnx Homie