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100DaysOfCode | Day 23

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3 Days ago...
I switched from Linux(Pop!_OS) to Windows for an online class, but after finishing the class when I decided to switch to Linux, my BIOS corrupted and I lost my Linux :(
I didn't find any solution to solve this problem, so I Installed Pop!_OS again.

I lost all of my apps and information but finally I learned how to set my Grub correctly to prevent corrupting again.
But I'm feeling not really good, cause I couldn't code 1 hour every day and because of that I should try harder to fill that gap.
Actually I learned how to set my grub, and that's a good point for me, cause I had a problem with my Pop!_OS grub all the time, because you need to set it Manually!(Most of the Distros are not like this).
Alt Text
So I should start to learn and code again, Today should be my 25th day but I wrote 23 cause I don't wanna jump from 23 to 25 without learning and coding!(Actually without consistency)

Keep Moving Forward

Enjoy Your Journey 👊

Code with 💛


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amirdarx profile image

yeah boyyyy .
you fell on the track again and this will make me more psycho my bro .
keep it up 💛

banji220 profile image

Hahaha, I love the way ya motivate me
tnx my homie-g
Keep moving forward together ... with Love ;)