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Announcing TremorCon 22' 📣

What’s Tremor ? 🔗

Tremor is an open-source early-stage event processing system for unstructured data with rich support for structural pattern-matching, filtering and transformation.

Since the spring of 2021, Tremor has continually participated in the LFX Mentorship program, under CNCF to guide developers looking to get involved in open-source projects.

TremorCon and Aviyel ✨

After a tremendously successful TremorCon 2021, we are eager to showcase some of our mentees' contributions during the past year, as well as a few of our industry use-cases. It's officially annual now. Come on, let's go to TremorCon 2022- it'll be fun!

Itinerary For The Day 📅

11:00 AM

Outlining a UI for Tremor
We will present a prototype UI for Tremor, its motivation, explore the design decisions behind the implementation, fantasize about future work and see it in action.

11:30 AM

Shaking up the realtime stack
the various patterns and pieces I've replaced with tremors

12:00 PM

Coffee Break
Tea works too

12:30 PM

Rust, the best and worst thing to happen to Tremor
Implementing Tremor's plugin system has been the best way to learn all about Rust. Join me in this talk to learn how Rust shaped the final design, both through the fun and not-so-fun times.

1:10 PM

Docusaurus to the Rescue: A New Era for Tremor's Documentation
With the different content sources for Tremor's different content forms, things were bound to get ugly fast. Enter Docusaurus- and now, you can find everything in one place. Quite pleasantly too.

1:30 PM

Lunch Break (1h)
Have some snacks and get energy for the second half of the day

2:30 PM

Patching up a fragmented env with OTEL and Tremor
We'll look into how we're using OTEL and Tremor to standardize our Logging infrastructure to be compliant to our Non-Functional Requirements.

3:00 PM

How I made tremor's release process boring by automating it 👨‍💻
Why do we need automation? Because no one loves repeating the same processes over and over again! So I decided to take tremor's long checklist process of manual release, and converted it into a single-click automated release! I'll also be talking about my experience working with tremor and its amazing community.

Speaker Lineup

  • Ben Gamble

  • Mariano Guerra

  • Prashant Mishra

  • Sharon Koech

  • Mario Ortiz Manero

  • Endre Karlson

  • Natali Vlatko

  • Heinz Gies

  • Darach Ennis

  • Matthias Wahl


Can’t wait to see you all !!❤

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