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Rudransh Bhardwaj
Rudransh Bhardwaj

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Golang >>> Rust 🔥[Prediction]

Disclaimer : Im not saying rust is bad , Pls read completely then write whatever you want to in comments after understanding my statements carefully ...

Ok, back 1-2 or may be 3 years ago , most of people were didn't talking about these langs , but suddenly after a boom
golang and rust are overhyped ..

And everyone is amazed by their performances ,

GoLang gives you highlevel experience in lowlevel lang

Rust gives you speed and other low level stuff ..

And both have potential to completely replace some langs ....

But I think in this race of GoLang v/s Rust ..

GoLang is going to win fast....

Because it gives soo good developer experience ,
GoLang makes you productive bcz its fast to program in it ..

Where as if you look at rust , its fast , but its slow to write code in rust ...

And i think thats why golang is going to win 'fast' , bcz companies and projects will adapt this new tech fast ..

Where as if they use rust , they have to dedicate a lot of time to rewrite it in rust ...

Yes , golang is not 'very' fast as rust , but we can compromise at the starting with 'lil' low speed but high developer speed.

Yes , rust is also revolutionary , but it will grow lil bit slowly ..

For 1.5 months i am working on a physics engine in golang (pls star i need support ♥ , link) , and after that , i love golang

It makes soo fast to write code and test it..

And i think if i had used rust instead , it might took me 3 months to do the same thing ...

So , ye rust will also win but very 'slow'


maybe after some years, the rust will boom again with soo many opensource projects in it...

So ye thnx check our project and contribute if you want to , or atleast star for support ♥

And also contribute to our physics engine

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Lev Nahar

Two different tools for two different tasks.
Rust literally runs on everything, Golang is a high-level language with good performance. Nothing to compare here, nothing to predict.
The moment they start coding microcontrollers directly with Go, I'll change my mind.

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Oliver Eikemeier
itmind profile image

but it's faster to write code and debug in rust.
there are more abstractions on rust, which speeds up development and the compiler checks for memory usage errors

rudransh61 profile image
Rudransh Bhardwaj

tell your thoughts about my prediction ...
and pls star those amazing projects