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Anargyros Stylidis
Anargyros Stylidis

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My personal website

Web developer from Greece

Hey y'all, wanted to share my personal website here with all of you.

I've been building it for nearly 2 months. The main reason it took so long is because I changed my mind over how things should look and flow.

I used NextJS paired with Tailwind. They really make for a great combo. Animations are all framer-motion. I searched the web for resources like some artworks and ideas.

Web developer roadmap

I am a self taught developer, I started learning HTML a year ago, June 2020. When I made my first portfolio I used to search blogs and posts like this one to get inspiration. That's the reason I made this post, maybe someone like me sees this and gets inspired to continue.

I have also started working on a new project which is going to be an "opinionated frontend roadmap". It's gonna follow the steps I did to be able to build websites. It's gonna be 100% beginner friendly and a long read. My way of giving bad to the community and only the first of a lot of helper projects I am thinking of doing.

More to come..

Thanks a lot if you read through this, if you wanna connect follow me on Twitter:


I'll make sure to follow back! I can also answer questions for HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Next.

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