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Free web dev resources/links

Free resources and links for web developers.

Hey, I thought I would share some of my bookmarked sites with free content for all of web developers around here. I use many of them and they saved me a lot of time.

1. React Slideshow

Simple slideshow for React with straightforward implementation. I've used it before on some of my projects. Looks good and can be customised.

2. Ionicons. Free open-source icons

Beautiful icons to use on your projects. Many different icons for a lot of uses and even some logos too. One of the best icons websites in a sea of many.

3. Haikei. Patterns generator

Useful pattern generator for backgrounds and shapes. Customise to your own needs and then download in PNG or SVG.

4. CSS Gradients

A great website to generate your CSS gradients. Pick colors, degrees and more then the code gets generated just below for you to use!

5. Free for devs

Last but not least, a websites with TONS of free resources. From BaaS to hosting and more. This website is a goldmine.

That's it for now, I hope there's people who find this useful.

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