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Simple and nice Accordion with framer-motion

React Accordion

I have found different accordion examples to be pretty boring and with little code you can bring more life to accordions!

We are using framer motion library and also use Tailwind for styling.

npm install tailwind framer-motion

Below is the whole code for the accordion. Just copy and paste it and you have a lively accordion to use on your website!

import { useState } from "react";
import { motion, AnimatePresence } from "framer-motion";

const Accordion = ({ question, answer }) => {

  const [isOpen, setIsOpen] = useState(false);

  return (
          className="rounded-tr-md relative z-20  rounded-br-md shadow-sm px-1 py-2 bg-blue-200 cursor-pointer font-open border-l-2 border-yellow-500"
          onClick={() => setIsOpen(!isOpen)}
          <motion.div className="text-gray-800 font-bold ml-1">
            Do you like animations?

        {isOpen && (
            initial={{ opacity: 0 }}
              opacity: 1,
              transition: {
                duration: 0.5,
            exit={{ opacity: 0 }}
            className="p-2 text-lg text-gray-700 border-l border-b border-gray-300"
            Yes, I love them!

export default Accordion;

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That's it! Simple yet really nice.

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arsnonverba profile image

hi, just stumbled upon this post and let me say thanks for the cool accordion! I have one question, though.. how do you add multiple accordions? I managed to do so by changing the return () to an array [] but now when I open one accordion the other ones open too, lol! I just started with react and nextjs so any help would be appreciated! :)