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While (!cantNoMore){ ride() } 🀠🐴

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let cantNoMore = false

function ride () {
  console.log("take my horse to the old town road")
  cantNoMore = true

while (!cantNoMore) {

const horses = {
  location: "back",
  tack: "attached"

const me = {
  hat: "matte black",
  boots: "black to match",
  ridingOn: "horse"

const you = {
  whip: "Porsche",
  beenOfPorch: false

const cantTellMe = null = "movie"
me.cowboyHat = "Gucci"
me.booty = "Wrangler"

cantNoMore = false

while (!cantNoMore) {

const BillyRay = {
  living: "like a rockstar",
  spentMoneyOn: "brand new guitar",
  stress: false,
  like: "Marlboro man"

cantNoMore = false

while (!cantNoMore) {

I don't have a soundcloud but plz subscribe 2 this new tag.


plz post the lols
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Well shoot dang everyone already ran spellcheck and did their code reviews, what are the rest of us supposed to do, just enjoy the joke? I guess I'll do that if I must.


BillyRay spent money on a brand new guidar? I think that's a typo.

This is pretty funny all the same.


while (BillyRay.haircut != hairstyles.Mollet) {


This shouldn't exist, but I'm really glad you made it. Thank you


*guitar :)

What about diamond rings and Fendi sport bras?


I think double negatives have to be the most confusing thing I ever see in code.


// commit log: better rhyme with song
do { ride(); } while (!cantNoMore);

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