What does a developer say after solving a really hard bug?

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['hip', 'hip', '🎉']


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git commit -m "F*ck yeah finally fixed this sh*t"


git commit -m "Fix test"


git commit -m "Really fix test"

git commit -m “Remove console.log and seriously fix test now”

git commit -m “version patched”


git commit -m "needs code review"


The real punchline is always in the comments


In my case 99% of the time....

I'm stupid.


I totally agree. 99% of time, the solution was something simple.


Whatta genius I am🤓 Should I have become a rocket scientist 🤔?


Or better yet a rocket surgeon!


git push origin develop


*several hours later*

F*** me, did I make a typo again?!

developer = {
  fucks_given: 0,
  dancing: true

Glad I squashed that bug


Yay. Party.. haha






Hip again!

Carpal tunnel too! 😳

Ooff, I should stand up more often."



WALP, guess its a feature now!


ok, go to solve next problems.


shhh aaaahh, push it. push it, real good.
doot do do doot doot
dee doo dee doo doo doot...

I'm surprised no-one's done a salt-n-peppa-github-parody yet...


Well that was a rollercoaster


Heap heap heap Array!


const hiphip = [];


I'm a genius!, oh wait, what happened? 🤔


Mine seems pretty boring compared to everyone else here.

I just go and 🙌my hands in the air.




I' relly found docker using a template. But i don' find the code it's using.


Hell yeah fixed the stuff. let's get a coffee. I've said this more than a thousand times


recreate the error! just to make sure the solution works if(true)return rejoice.


“Where is my Nobel prize for bug fixing?”