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Security is important 💁🏼‍♀️

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I don't have a soundcloud but plz subscribe 2 this new tag.


plz post the lols
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Things that don't mean you're insecure:

  • Code duplication
  • Stackoverflow Copy/Paste
  • git push -f

Things that do mean you're insecure:

  • The code review

I have a colleague that write his password in the Desktop sticky note


That's not such a big problem if the passwords are strong, and they don't reuse passwords across sites. You'd need physical access to their machine in order to steal them.


Is this "I don't have a soundcloud but" a new meme? I've never seen this before and now twice in the last day.


It's commonplace for Twitterati to plug a personal link below viral tweets, usually SoundCloud. Guess it's evolved into a meme now.

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