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Canvas and DOM in perfect Harmony

DML is a library which provides nice wrappers around DOM API.
One of this wrapper is canvas2D.

In my sliding game, here is how I fill each cell with fractions of the image.

    createCells () {
      // fills cells array with cell element
      this.cells = [...Array(16)].map((_, i) => { 
        let y = Math.trunc(i/4);
        let x = i % 4;
        let options = {
          style : this.cssCell,
          ["data-pos"] : i, ["data-curpos"] : i,
          ["data-dx"] : 0, ["data-dy"] : 0
        let cell = create("div", options);  
          var canvas = canvas2D({width:"100px",height:"100px"}); 
        cell.onclick =  () =>   {this.moveCell(cell)};
        return cell;

      // empty cell customisation 
      this.emptyCell = this.cells[15]; = '0.25' = 0;
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Note how easy it is to insert a canvas element in each cell, thanks to DML

You can play with it here : Sliding Puzzle

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Great! Working on the DOM with objects is real fun. The DOM is stateful and so are objects. Connecting both makes life easy!

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artydev Author

Thank you Eckehard :-)