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Cover image for Appwrite OSS Fund Sponsors React-Native-Permissions
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Appwrite OSS Fund Sponsors React-Native-Permissions

Hi readers 👋, welcoming you back to the "Appwrite OSS Fund" series, where we celebrate open-source maintainers. 🎉

🤔 What Is OSS Fund?

On the 4th of May, the Appwrite team launched the OSS Fund, an initiative to support open-source project maintainers. Being an open-source company, we wanted to give back to the community and help as many people as we can.

The OSS Fund is an initiative that is very close to our heart.
Hear what our Founder and CEO has to say - The Appwrite Story:

Announcing the Appwrite OSS Fund - Appwrite

Appwrite provides web and mobile developers with a set of easy-to-use and integrate REST APIs to manage their core backend needs.


📢 Announcing The Fifth Project

After careful considerations from the committee we are thrilled to announce the fifth project:

🤔 What Is React-Native-Permissions?

React-Native-Permissions come under a suite of React Native libraries created and maintained by the same maintainer.
The most popular ones in the suite are:

There is also:

They allow you to:

  • Check and request runtime permissions
  • Localize your project (translation of course, but also units, currencies)
  • Generate and handle application's splash screen
  • Control the system status and navigation bars colors
  • Add custom entries in the React Native dev menu, with custom behaviors

🤝 Meet The Maintainer

Mathieu is the creator and maintainer of so many amazing React-Native libraries, including React-Native-Permissions. He is a frontend and mobile developer working at Swan in Paris, France.

Mathieu started his career as a designer, as was not thrilled about the way he learned to code at school. That did not prevent him years later from becoming a full-time software developer and starting contributing to open-source projects.

Apart from that, he enjoys swimming, cycling, hiking and exploring the world of craft beers 🍻

💡 How Did The Idea Of React-Native-Permissions Come Up?

At the time when Mathieu was working on an Uber-like ride-hailing app, it was written in React Native and he was confronted with complex internationalization issues. So he proposed to have vanilla support in the framework for navigator.languages (i.e in the same way geolocation was managed through a web spec).
His proposal was rejected, but the React Native team recognized the use-case and encouraged him to create his own library. That's how react-native-localize was born, and how Mathieu started his journey as an open-source maintainer.

🚘 The Journey So Far

React Native was still in the early days, things moved fast and lots of stuff were constantly broken (if not actively maintained). That's how Mathieu proposed his help to the original author of react-native-permissions(@yonahforst), ended up taking over the project and moved it under the umbrella of the React Native Community Organization.

Since then Mathieu kept reproducing that pattern, and anytime he approaches an area of interest and can't find a solid solution, a new open-source project is created!

🗒️ Ending Notes

Mathieu wants to thank Appwrite and everyone else who donated to the project, as he continues to build.

In his words:

"Appwrite is leading the way in that direction, ideally lots of company needs to adopt this kind of initiatives. It's a shift I'd like to see the whole industry achieve."

If this story resonates with you or your friend, tell them about OSS Fund, as applications are still open:

Appwrite OSS Fund

Appwrite provides web and mobile developers with a set of easy-to-use and integrate REST APIs to manage their core backend needs.


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