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What I've learned during August 22-26 Week and 29-02 September Week

During this two weeks I've been learning a lot about Java more specifically about collections, Spring and Spring-boot framework.

What are colllections in Java?

A collection is defined as a group of individual objects which are represented as a single unit is known as the collection of the objects. In Java, collections are a framework that includes data structures and methods using them will help us to reduce effort on designing and implementing it.

Types of collections

  • List: ArrayList, LinkedList, Vector, Stack.
  • Map: HashMap and TreeMap
  • Set: HashSet and LinkedHashSet

What is Spring?

Spring is the most popular java framework and allows us to build scalable projects faster and easier. Some of the spring applications are: build microservices, create web apps and serverless applications.
It's friendly and easy to learn.

Some advantages of using Spring are:

  • Predefined Templates
  • Easy to test
  • Lightweight
  • Declarative Support
  • Fast development

Now that we have the knowledge of how Spring works let's take a look to Spring-boot

Spring-boot and Java

Spring-boot is a tool that simplifies the development of web applications and microservices. It offers a dependency injection that allows us to define our own dependencies in objects. It also works as MVC (Model View COntroller) and makes easier integration with other technologies like React js.

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