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Blogpost What I learned during August 15-19 Week

During this week I’ve been focused on learning Java Fundamentals, many Full-stack job opportunities are based on React for working with the Frontend and Java for the Backend. It’s important to have the knowledge of both languages to build a better profile.

I’ve been working on the Java fundamentals training and been practicing some topics one of the most important ones is to understand the project structure, how classes works, packages and methods. Java is an OOP language this allows us to recycle a lot of code when we are working with similar things ore features. On the other side we have Javascript as an event oriented language it allows us to have a better knowledge of the user requirements. When we are using JavaScript we can include React Js as a UI Library and this will help us to build faster UIs.

On this week I’ll continue working on the React Js Training to understand more how Redux works and what are the differences with the useContext hook, also I’ll be practicing builiding APIS with Java and get to know Spring.

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Alexander B.K.

I am curious to know, to what extent of the fundamentals you learnt : did you cover such things like : nested classes, inner classes, lambda expression, interface (including static and default methods), annotations. inheritance, generics ?
These things are covered in the official textual tutorial provided by the official website (now owned by Oracle) which can be freely downloaded.
Like you, I am also still learning Java. But my plan, before playing with backend using Java, I need to proceed to J2EE (now called Jakarta EE) which provides ways for writing RESTful service in the backend that serves React app in the frontend. However, it will take long time to learn J2EE. So, I will probably pick Spring Boot for that purpose. I think Spring official doc is good enough for learning resource; I have tried some textual tutorials like creating RESTful API from the doc which gave some motivation for using it later someday when I am ready.
However, C# and .Net ( Core) drew my attention recently, that I tried a simple collaboration of Core with React from a textual tutorial provided in the official Core website/documentation.
Besides, I am still exploring Laravel (PHP framework) in more detail. So, I couldn't learn Java intensively.