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Ana María Díaz
Ana María Díaz

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What I learned during September 05-09 Week

During this week I started to develop a full-stack application built with JavaScript : React JS for the Frontend and Java Spring-boot for the Backend.
I’ve learned a lot about how things work with Spring, the project is more structured and complex than Express and Node js technologies. The way Spring handle services, controllers and building API’s is secure and complete.
On the other side connecting the backend server to React js help me to understand how things are connected and depend on each other. The main task was to build a CRUD as a To-Do list, this project help me to learn a lot and implementing it with two different technologies was a good idea.
While I was working on the UI, React made things so much easier because as a component based library allowed me to recycle components that appeared more than one time at the interface. Also I passed the data on props to make everything dynamic. Working on the Backend building my endpoints with Spring was kind of difficult because returning status code responses isn’t as easy as returning it on Node js.

I want to learn more about the Spring Framework and I’ll finish my To-Do app to practice my knowledge.

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