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What I learned this Week 18-22 July

During this week I focused on practicing for my performance interview and the first interviewmania round. Both interviews were theoric and about CS fundamentals, I learned a lot about things you need to take care of when you are being interviewed and also when you’re the interviewer.

The most important thing to take care of is not being nervous, because if you feel this way it can be a blocker, you can get confused and forget about the concepts. Also the interviewer can notice that you don’t know what are you talking about. Always focus on giving an example of what are you explaining and how and where you can implement that concept.

As an interviewer it is important to make clear questions and also have all the concepts clear, in case you need to give a hand to the person you’re interviewing.

This week, I’ll focus on improving my explanations about some concepts and practicing algorithms and data structures a lot because there’s always a technical interview. Also I’ll be learning more about OOP.

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