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Road to FullStack developer

As developers we believe that being a FullStack and having a lot of knowledge in many areas is similar to being a god. Many of us want to become a FullStack developer, in order to do that is important to understand the many things.

At the beginning we need to focus our learning path on a specific area, I’ve decided to start with Frontend but also it’s important to know how things are connected to a Backend. Here's a list of things that I started to learn lately:

  • Understand an entire codebase based on big projects.
  • Learn collaborative tools as Git, this includes how to work with different versions of the same project and solving merge conflicts.
  • Get the knowledge of testing, this is one of the most important things to become a FullStack developer, there’s always a way to optimize things.
  • Be faster, there are tools like Vim or Emacs that work basically as keybindings this allow us to write code faster and focus on the real problem.

It isn’t all about know everything

There are many areas on software engineering, many of them includes a lot of knowledge but we don’t have to focus on learning a lot of technologies, perhaps a better way to learn is understanding how are things connected and the way it works.

For example, in Machine Learning there’s a lot of background we need to know first starting from the basics cause in that field we can find many other areas like Big data, Algorithm optimization, Data structures, Recommendation systems and many other things.

So, the next time that you feel like you don’t know anything start by understanding the workflow of things

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