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Ana María Díaz
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Real Users, Real clients and MVP project development.

The most important thing I learned about this phase is how important is to have a good communication, teamwork and time management.

The role of communication when building a project

When I started working on my first project that includes a real client we scheduled a weekly meeting to show a demo of what we’ve been working on the week. We started asking questions and the client ask us for more features, on our firsts times we can get scared and started saying yes to all.

But it is important to identify how many time we have and how to manage it, as developers we now that a bug can takes us hours to solve. But working on teams show me that it’s important to communicate, talk about the progress of the tasks, identify any blockers and ask for help.

What it’s possible and what isn’t

From the beginning of the project we knew that all has to be done in 4 weeks, set goals and deadlines is going to help us identify what tasks are possible to achieve and which not.

When we are working with a client knowing that our project is going to be used by real users we have to discuss about deliverables and negotiate deadlines in order to build a good project.

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