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Building V 1.0 of our project and making the deploy.

On the previous weeks we’ve been working on building a project from scratch in 4 weeks implementing agile methodologies and working with weekly sprints. In this week we’re going to be working on the deployment and de V 1.0 of the project.

What we need to know is that the first version of a project also known as MVP is designed to be working with the basic features and it’s not designed to be implemented in real life there are many filters to pass by before using it on real life.

What is a deployment?

When setting up a project you will always have your live project, which is called the development environment or production environment. The deploy is a version of our project build for production refers to the process of running our application on a server or a device.

Before we work on making a deploy we need to test and verify if the project is functional and check if has no errors.

Free sites to deploy our app

  • Heroku
    • Heroku is a cloud application platform that supports most programming languages, including the likes of Go, Node.js, Clojure, and more.
  • Vercel
    • Vercel is a revolutionary serverless deployment service designed for React, Angular, Vue, and other JavaScript libraries.
  • Netlify
    • Netlify is one of the most popular services out there for web deployment. It easily imports projects from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, and is widely used with Jamstack applications.
  • Github pages
    • GitHub Pages is one of the fastest and most widely-used methods for beginners to deploy websites. With GitHub Actions you can trigger automatic deployments, configure CI/CD and much more.

What I’ve learn in this 4 Weeks of development

It’s important to identify the basics steps when you start a new project. We can take this 4 weeks as a path to follow and continue developing our project, implementing this will help us to identify client needs on a better and easiest way.

Keep tracking our progress and working with weekly sprints isgoing to help us achieve goals and work faster. 

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