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Ana María Díaz
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Building and agile mindset and leaving the comfort zone

Technology is in constant evolution, everyday new products are built, software updates, framework versions. But we already know that, how do we take the advantage?

Working on leaving our comfort zone and being open to learn new things is going to help us on building an agile mindset, a good example as a developer would be start learning a new programming language. This will help us to be more analytic and be capable of solve any problem without depending on a specific solution.

And agile mindset will also help us to improve our communication skills making posible working better as a team.
This week I started implementing this strategy. As frontend developer I've been working with javascript for a year but I decided to leave my comfort zone and started learning Ruby. Things are very different between programming languages but at the end of the day the logic is the same.

We need to focus on building and agile mindset and implementing this in many other areas.

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