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what should I learn about Django and Reactjs. (consult me please)

in the past, I learned how to create a website with pure HTML and javascript and later I leaned Reactjs and I never used pure html+javascript anymore but despite that, I don't consider it as a wast of time because it helped me master and appreciate Reactjs. On the other hand, I regret wasting my time on learning express because I never used it and it never helped me understand or appreciate anything. Now, I'm using Django rest framework with Reactjs with typescript but also I don't want to learn everything about django nor about every way of integrating Django and Reactjs. So, I want to make social applications like Reddit and apps like and of course Django is really great at that but I find people integrate django and react via axios or ajax, and others do it by connecting react to templates. what is the difference between all these ways and what is the most flexible and mature way?
Also, I'm learning from this
course video :
the course final code:
and I'm very sure this will be a very helpful course but I still feel that I am wasting my time on too many unnecessary things.

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