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I am trying to create an app like google docs or apple pages, but I am lost.

I want to biuld an app like google docs with customizable tables in which I want to add excels feathers in these tables.
I know few libraries like react data grid, suneditor and draftjs but the problem is

  • which one I should choosing and is there better more customizable libraries, or is it better to build one from scratch?
    • where should I start?

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Ryan Mathews

I am not sure what "excels fathers" are, but some things to keep in mind:

  • When choosing a library, it can be useful to do a quick test project with each library to get a feel for how they work. Try to answer: How difficult is it to add the type of functionality you want?
  • It is also useful to look at the existing community support around a project (github follows/stars can be a good signal). The more community, the more likely other people will have answered the more common getting started questions for the project (otherwise it is up to you to figure out how to get it installed and working for your project). From your list, draftjs and react data grid both look like popular projects.

After you have built a test project with each library you'll get a better answer on if you should continue building with one of those or build from scratch. There are two modes of thinking when it comes to libraries:

  • Use them. If you are going to build a new car, you don't need to redesign wheels. Use one off the rack.
  • Don't use them. You don't know what code people have put in there and there might be a lot of bloat that isn't needed.

Especially on the web, I'd recommend #1. Try to extend an existing library when you can (again having a community around it can help avoid potential security risks related to using other people's code).

Oh and make sure the licenses for those libraries work for you.