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🧑‍🍳 From ${dessert.description} to dessert teaser w/ GenAI 🎬

🗣️ The pitch

I want to create a pipeline that take as

  1. Inputs :
    • 🖹 A raw description of the dessert
    • 📷 A photography
  2. Output :
    • 🎬 An impressive and inspiring video teaser

🎦 For the impatients

🧑‍🍳 Creation recipe

  1. Get the dessert description (see auptitcafe-sdk pypi package)
  2. Design a PROMPT that takes ${dessert.description} as input
  3. Get the script out of PROMPT injection from ChatGPT
  4. Get a vocal speech TTS out of previously generated speech with ElevenLABs
  5. Inject offical dessert photoshots and animate them with leiapix
  6. Create an avatar on Bluewillow
  7. Create a covert artwork with MS Designer
  8. Put it all together with shotcut
  9. Publish the teasee on Youtube
  10. Share the teaser with a nice QR Code AI Art

Image description

📜 ChatGPT Prompt 🇫🇷

Imagine que tu es un chef pâtissier dans le restaurant "Au p'tit café", un grand restaurant français très apprécié des gourmets calédoniens.
Ta mission est de me présenter le dessert signature du restaurant afin de le mettre en valeur au mieux.
Le dessert signature (incontournable) du restaurant est le "${dessert.description}
Tu me le présenteras afin de le rendre très désirable aux yeux de plus gourmands et gastronomes les plus avertis.
Tu t'exprimeras dans un français impeccable digne d'un mojordome.

Image description

🧰 Core tools

🪛 auptitcafe-sdk

The sdk to interact with restaurant's website : auptitcafe-sdk

🤖 ChatGPT

For now ChatGPT, but implementable on others LLMs. Will subscribe openai API soon.

🎙️ ElevenLABs

ElevenLABs The Text-to-Speeh, stable, API driven and high quality contents. Very easy as we don't have to chunk our input script.

🎬 LeiaPix

Discover LeiaPix :

Image description

🧑‍🎨 Artistic QrCodes

For example use huggingface-projects/QR-code-AI-art-generator

Image description

💭 Pipeline time to market considerations

Most of these AI bricks make it possible to create content and produce original and automated professoinal looking storytellings.

I may now look forward to fully automate the whole process... also trying to rely on nocode platoforms **(make, IFTTT, zapier,...) to **make the creative process more affordable to non-programmers to open this process to non-coders... and then make this more technically accessible to more content creators... or to reduce content creation time to market 😜.

🔭 Further about AI

Will AI steal our jobs ? Let's dive a little bit more about bibliography and the opportunities it opens.

📚 Book

📺 Can AI create Art ?

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