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0 or 1 !!!

Hi there !!
Did you ever think about why our computer are able to understand only a binary language ?? Only binary , not any other language like English , Hindi , Urdu , Spanish or Hexadecimal , Octadecimal etc. Is not a weird thing ??? Did ever think about it ??

And once I asked this question to professor he answered genuinely :

I asked :

Sir i have a question may be you think this is an stupid question but i wanna discuss with you

Why computer can only understand binary language ???

Then here what he said :

No question is stupid.It's just a matter of understanding and explaining basics.
The point is that computer is an electronic device and it's working is based on binary signals on or off that's why computer works on binary level 0 and 1 at low level .
Computer can be programmed in any language but at low level it understand only binary signals.First every information is translated in 1 and 0 and then microprocessor executes instructions according to the specific task.

In present computer known as they are smart and fast in calculation but in my point of view they are also dump. What do you think??

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers".
Pablo Picasso

But there is reason why they are smart and also dump....

Reason behind they are dumb :

The reason is they can do some specific task and they will do when we give them a command like by clicking on This PC icon , or to get desirable output we give command them by a some lines of code in a specific language like C , JAVA, Python etc. after that they convert these command in binary language and then understand after that they will give you your desirable output. You can't say like imagine a computer name is Smith and you wanna open you facebook account or wanna add a long list of numbers then you can't do by just saying like Smith open my facebook account or add these number like we do with others humans . With them we have to give command.Because they understand only binary language.

let's come back to our topic why 0 and 1 only ??

I will explain this one with an example of our human body. If we compare our human body structure to a computer we will found almost both's structure are same. Now the question is how ?? Now here again I will suggest you to think once before going through my words.

Now Time's up now it's my turn. What is our source of energy to do work , to think etc. ?? Yeah you're right Food . What we eat that gives us energy . In same way computer's source of energy is electricity . Hope you're getting point. And what about thinking like command like you need some sleep , now you are hungry , or just use your right hand or left hand to write. Yeah you get it brain , your brain give all these commands to your body. In same way CPU is known as brain of our computer.
To process or go through any work CPU also need some energy like our brain need.
But our brain have a large number of semi membrane to send and get message through neural signals but our brain have none of them he have only to values i.e. true or false. True means when CPU getting electrical signal i.e. ON condition and false means when he did not get any electrical signal i.e. OFF condition. And when you will try to see the logical structure of computers means how he does computation ??
Then reason are logic gates who always give only two values i.e. true or false . 0 means false and 1 means true.
So that's why he always converts every line and commands in binary then give the result in our desirable language.

So it's all about why he is so dump and understand 0 and 1 only. Now come back to how smart he is ??

Why computer is so smart:
The reason is simple something he can do but for us it's not possible i.e. billions of computation/task in a seconds. And they are always give the desirable output until the algorithm is wrong or code you written have no mistake.

"Technology has forever changed the world we live in. We're online, in one way or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities. They hold much that is important to us."
James Comey

For more you can read from here on article Are computers smarter than humans.

That's all for now hope you like it .
If you have any query please comment below .

See you all in next article.

Happy coding!!!

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