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How to make implementation better Final part

In Short Part 1

In the 1st part, I shared my of the coding journey how I start, how to make the code more efficient. And discussed some basic key concepts like program, programmer, instruction, code, syntax etc. what is standard definition and what is the real meaning of these key concepts or you can say differentiate between standard definition and real-world meaning.

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Now let's come to the present and discussed some more thing have some important role.
But before going to the main idea I have a list of questions which you have to ask with yourself. These questions are not language based or field specific. And you do not have to post anywhere so, don't worry just go for this question.

  1. Are you ready to learn programming/coding
  2. If you are a beginner then which language you are going to choose and why?
  3. Why do you want to learn programming/coding? You want to learn because it's sound cool or you really have some interest?
  4. How's your code going to help in our daily life?
  5. Are you able to correlate what you learn with your daily life?
  6. How will you tackle when you or get a programming problem?
  7. How you overcome that problem?
  8. What are some daily life example like any computer software or application name written in that language?
  9. How you gonna use it for your benefits?

and so many questions like this you have to ask with yourself and these basics key concepts will help you to become a good programmer or make your implementations better.
Generally, when we get a problem or an idea that time we directly start thinking about the problem's solution like if we talk about a question of adding 2 numbers asked from C language or a problem related to design something we directly start thinking about like in C how many variables we are going to use or if talk about in design we directly start working on design without making a blueprint or a test design. Now, this one is the biggest mistake generally beginners do that's why they can't implement code efficiently and the computer gives them a bonus result i.e. error or give a bad design as an output. And this one also creates confusion and sometimes due to the confusion they can't write whole code i.e. after a few steps they start thinking about what was the next steps and this will end up on irritation.
Due to this from my point of view, it's a bad choice or method. Still, most of you think why this method is wrong? If this method is wrong then what is the right way and also tell us what are the disadvantages of that method?
First, we look over what are the disadvantages of this method.

Disadvantages :

  1. When we write code directly on the computer in this way we do two things at a time. 1st we think about the logic or design and at the same time we also implementing that logic and this creates confusion or sometimes it's a breakpoint and we did not know what will be the next step.
  2. If you think in this method makes you a good coder/programmer then you are wrong. Because 1st it makes your debugging skill weaker due to which when you get an error you are not able to understand where is the error in the code and how to fix it.
  3. In so many companies interview they will not provide you any laptop or computer they will give you a pen and paper to write code or design on that paper. So now in this way you can't implement better and do some silly mistakes due to which there is a chance of your elimination.
  4. You will always have confusion after writing code on paper when you will get any. i.e. lack of confidence.

Now comes what you have to do or How you have to proceed:

So these are the some most important disadvantages you can face if follow that method. Now what you have to do when you get a problem.


  • When you will get any problem you have to read the first problem twice to clear the concept and then start building the logic for that question how you have to proceed then write down the logic on a paper in your own way i.e. in your own pseudo-code then type the logic and run your program.

If you are a beginner and not able to write or not able to understand pseudo-code then I have another way or solution for this.

In this case, I will suggest you write code in your own way or make design freely just think some daily life example. But parallely try to understand or try to learn how to write standard pseudocode.
I suggest you pseudo code because in this way the logic you are trying to build for that because in this way you don't have to write the whole code. In just a few steps you will able to give the whole idea and this will helps you in future like when you will get a job or will work for any organization or during online contests.

For more and important points I will suggest you an article "The secret of great programming" is written by Ravi Shankar Rajan on Medium from this article you can make yourself a good article and get motivated.

Hope you like the article and will be helpful for you.

Thank You for reading.

Keep learning.

Happy Coding.

Abhishek Shukla

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