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We all are Codengers!!

Always thirsty to learn something new. If you know about me then some treat me as a mentor, some treat me as a career guider, others treat me as his/her colleagues and I treat myself as student & Dev.
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Hello, everyone, nothing has been written on this website for a long time. The reason behind this was Codengers. Now you are thinking about "What is Codengers?"
Then here about the Codengers...
We are college students who running a codding community for all college. So Codengers is the name of our community. It's about 6 months ago our community also become a part of the Coderdojo Community which comes under the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Ireland, Dublin. (Search on Google "Allahabad@Codengers")
As a programmer, we were trying to do something which will be beneficial for others also i.e. students who are not part of the community at our college. A simply says other college students, studying in the Computer Science branch. But the question was "How?". So we started figuring out what are the basic problems students facing during his study. The most basic one was students of tier 3 colleges do not know about websites from where they can get quality of resources if they know about any good website then they have to pay a huge amount to complete their certification course which they can't afford. Even most of our friends we found they generally do not about alternatives to paid software.
So we started searching for the solution on the internet and start making a list of websites from where everyone can get paid courses for free and not only courses software for free.
After making the list we have to wait for 2-3 months to collect money so we can run a website where you will get everything for free.
Now our website is active for the last 15-20 days. Here some features/materials of our website:

  • Paid Courses of Websites like Udacity, Udemy,Lynda etc. (Torrent File)
  • Enroll your self directly in online Udemy Certification Courses
  • E-books
  • Best Alternative of paid softwares and Cracked Softwares also
  • Interview Preparation Kit for companies like Google
  • Daily Practice Problem
  • Selected Articles/Blog
  • Paid PC Games

and much more...

Currently, we have a 500+ GB programming language courses, More than 1 GB of E-books, and the list goes on...

To take a look please visit at Codengers .
If you want to support us please share it with others also.

Hope you like the content. Have any question, please feel free to ask and we are always looking forward to suggestions.

Note: This website is just a huge collection of links we do not promote or support piracy. We just tried to make the collection of top high rated content from where anyone can get for free.

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you should opensource the project, so anyone can contribute and fix bugs in project