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6 science backed advices for better work and learning

Today I'm going to talk about some tiny habits which can go a long way in improving your daily work and motivating you for long-term learning. Each of the principles is backed by science because understanding the "why" is more important before doing the "what" or learning the "how".

  1. Focus vs Diffuse mode
    • Focus - concentrate on one thing. No multitasking.
    • Diffuse - let the brain wander freely. E.g. exercise, sleep, going out.
    • Go back and forth. Focus for a while and diffuse for a while.
    • Grows your brain just like exercise and rest grows your muscles
    • taking breaks is good for high performance
    • The science behind it
  2. Sleep
    Sleeping Chandler

    • Sleep clears toxins from the brain
    • Long deep sleep is important. Toxin cleaning is an energy intensive process. It does not happen unless body is at rest for a long time.
    • Check out this article
  3. Brain training

    • Practice something to create strong memory
    • exercise your brain by repeating what you learn
    • give your brain enough diffuse mode
    • Too much biology to prove it.
  4. Regular Exercise

    • prevents depression and anxiety
    • elevates mood
    • gives rest to the brain (diffuse mode)
    • Here's a study to back it up
  5. Feedback

    • negative -> "You're doing this wrong" (criticism)
    • positive -> "If you do this, I will give you this" or "I like how you did this" (motivation)
    • criticism is usually more actionable - enjoy criticism when you are in the middle of your learning or towards a high career stage
    • motivation is important at the beginning - gives you power to battle the obstacles
    • Some science for the nerds
  6. Procrastination
    Procrastination Costanza

    • you don't want to do something right now because is isn't going to feel good. You brain automatically suggests something more positive - like watching YT videos or playing games
    • it is an issue with managing our emotion and not our time
    • you could be a good time manager but still not feel like doing some tasks (I relate strongly)
    • Understand that by delaying an important task we are just delaying the mental pain
    • Best way to tackle this is to be strong and do that important task right away - Get rid of the pain and feel better.
    • Some tricks for the affected. Must read

    Screw it, let's do it
    -- Richard Branson

This is not a complete list. A few more coming soon.

These principles are notes from the course Learning to Learn [Efficient Learning] : Zero to Mastery. Do check it out if it sparks your interest.

Happy Learning!!

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