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Don't let these lies define your learning journey

You will find a lot of free advice lying around the internet. Stuff that very experienced and successful people endorse. Extracts from famous books. Not all of them will be relevant to you and not all of them will be enough to put you on the right path. Do not let these lies define your learning process.


  1. Follow your passion
    • you don’t need to be passionate to become good at something and enjoy improving your craft
    • being passionate about something does not mean building a career is the only way to pursue it
    • aim for creativity, control and impact instead
    • sometimes passion arises after learning
  2. You can avoid risk
    • risk is part of the process
    • to succeed at something, enjoy taking risks
    • do not hesitate from trying new things once in a while
    • get out of your comfort zone and stop playing safe
  3. Your mentor is always right
    • a mentor's opinions and knowledge are bounded by their own experience
    • don't always agree with one person or one source of information
    • form your own opinions and techniques
    • nobody knows everything completely
  4. Mastery needs 10000 hours
    • practice matters but there are many factors involved
    • your intelligence and learning capability matters
    • your current level decides how tough or easy the path is for you
    • you don't always have to be a hard worker
    • focus on efficient learning and not on how much time you put into it.

Happy Learning!!

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