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Let's build a multiplayer movie trivia/quiz game with, svelte and node. devlog #13

Busy days...

Not gotten that much done I guess, been bz with boring some school work (making super tacky website with all annoying things u don't want as teacher thinks that is nice web design) and watching Korean drama series.

Note to self

Remember to implement the features I forgot about.

  • Add accurate answer times in backend in case want to use it in future.

  • Send all round scores after round ends so can show placement of players while game is going on.

  • Update the todo-list so don't forget it again.


Hmm, have done some here n there.. added some array sorting in the backend so clients don't need to be bothered with it.

Did some more work on the game over screen. Added the last round results seen below.

Other than that, mostly been staring at the thing. The UI sux and I still don't really know what I should do about it.. Been thinking about having like a status bar at top that always show the players and their score.. Think that wld make sense, but how wld I implement that so looks nice on mobile? Maybe just use the avatars there... Will think about it some more..

That's all for now I guess.. Progress gonna be slow in the near future, got too much boring school work that need to try to get motivation to do.

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Raihan Sk

Please continue

zoppatorsk profile image

I will, but not sure when will have the time for it. Not done any more work on it, too swamped with university assignments, behind with it...