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Let's build a multiplayer movie trivia/quiz game with, svelte and node. devlog #11

Progress... ??

Progress have been slow. Mostly some small changes and improvements here and there.

Did put an early alpha version online yesterday just to test things out... Many of the features that are not done are disabled but can still play the game (and try to break it ;)), even though UI is rough.
And yeah, ofc it's just a general quiz game now as that is what I implement first.

The UI is still shit thought, no more progress on that for now.

Did add some new features for the current quiz game, can select difficult and category.



Next up

Will make a "back button" that takes you out of the game n back to the title screen.

For now there is only one for when game ends but will put one in so can go back from anywhere. Wrote the backend logic for it but not tested it yet.. that sounded complex, right? Wrong, just calls the same function as when a user disconnects so things get cleaned up correctly, later will probably add some checks though and hock it up with a callback to redirect back to the title screen.

As it works now, the game is deleted when game is finished but u will still be in the "games socket room" so that way can still chat after game is finished. The 'leave-room' gets emitted by the 'back button'.
Theoretically the code should work.. I think..

socket.on('leave-room', (gameid) => {
    disconnecting(io, socket, games);

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Ohh.. yeah, I did some work on the server list component also.. made so can actually use it to join a game. CSS still needs work though.

Random thoughts...

I did play some more trivia/quiz games to try and get inspiration for the UI.

I found one that is cool... Seems to be made for younger students to take quizzes made by a teacher.
It's really nice for what it is meant to be quizizz .. can play the quizzes there and it's flashy, has like "power ups" and meems n stuff.. to get students to enjoy it, have fun and want to do the quiz I think it's excellent but yes, it's not what I'm doing so I did not get any UI inspiration from it.

Well, I guess that's all for now.. time to cook up some dinner.. tunnbrödsrulle is on the menu.. mmm...

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