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Introducing IP Visualizer

So, this is my first post here on dev, usually I'm just lurking. Will see how this works out.

Short about me: started using computers in the late 80's and got an interest in web dev stuff some years ago and took some uni courses. Right now studying development of e-services at Dalarna university, Sweden.

Read about the redis hackathon and thought it would be fun to submit something. What i came up with is IP Visualizer.

But what is it? Well it visualizes IP-adresses inside a selected radius based on geo-data.

How does it work? You drag a radius (circle) with the mouse and when release button that circle is transferred to the map. The center point and radius is sent to the back end and with help of the geo-radius feature in redis it fetches all the matching CIDR's located inside the radius and send it back to the client. The client then displays it with help of where can choose different layers/aggregations.

Backend is a standard Node express api and the frontend is made in Svelte and uses MapLibre GL for the map stuff.

Code is almost complete and live demo will be available soon.
My submission will ofc be in the wacky wildcard category. ;)

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