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3 Hacks to become more productive

  1. Use .new links

    Whenever I come up with a new idea and want to write it down as fast as possible I open a new tab and go to
    This will bring you to a blank new Google Doc and I can start typing immediately.
    Same for when you want to create a new sheets you go to to get to a blank spreadsheet and can start working immediately.
    Same for forms and slides.

    Need to create a new github repo? You guessed it!

    New playlist in Spotify?

  2. Categorize your meetings

    I use Office 365 for my meetings but I imagine your calendar of choice has a similar option. Whenever you create a meeting, tag them with a category that will color highlight them in your calendar view.

    Picture of me categorizing a test meeting, making it pink
    I started using categories to highlight the meetings I was running so I quickly saw whenever I had one that I needed to do extra preparations for. I highlight those in Yellow. I use Orange for my 1on1 meetings and that makes them stand out so I get a better overview of my day and can prepare accordingly.

    Plus it looks a lot brighter!

    Before picture of my calendar without tags
    After picture of my calendar with tags

  3. Use To do Lists
    There are several ways to make to-do list.
    It's not only a great way to keep track on all your tasks, it also feels great to tick things off and you feel a sense of progress. Breaking things down into smaller to-do's that I can review and update everyday is what keeps me going.

    I recently got my eyes opened for To Do in Office 365. Often tasks will arrive in my mail and there's a setting you can enable that will automatically create a To Do item whenever you flag a mail. If you remove the flag the To Do will update accordingly, and likewise if you check it off in To Do the flag will be removed in your mail box. Super neat!

    Bonus! It rings a success sound every time you tick something off. Super addictive!

    In my private life I use Trello somewhat like a kanban board for checking off tasks like grocery shopping lists. We're soon moving into a new apartment so of course I have a board for tracking that also. That's how much I love my To Do lists!

    So find a tool that works for you, it will be worth it!

What are your favorite productivity life hacks? Comment and let me know!

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