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Andres 🐍 in 🇨🇦

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How a Canadian Tech Company can hire a foreign developer?

If you are a Canadian Tech company and you want to hire some foreign software developers,
you are very lucky, you don't have deal with the normal LMIA:

Really?, ooh yes!

Your tech company can apply to program called the Global Talent Stream (GTS).
It is an expedited work permit for tech workers only and can take as little as 4-6 weeks.

If you are reading this, you would like to run quickly....

But they are two main requirements for hire to your rockstar developer.

  1. You need to join all requirements together and also submitted to the IRCC
    portal, and they will be a response with a Positive LMIA if you did correctly.

  2. After having a LMIA you need your developer gather her main documentation
    for submit to the IRCC and get a workpermit.

How long it can take ? Well, depending on the nationality of the developer.
Could be variable.

Easy? In theory everything is on the GTS website. But you don't have
time to deal with immigration(IRCC) or reading a lot of unknown terms.

Here where the team gain the scene. We develop an application for
Automated application preparation, tracking, LMIA generation, gather
documentation and more.

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