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How to use JDownloader in headless mode and in remote server

JDownloader it's a downloder files supported Dozen of file hosting websites like etc etc ...

if you a old pirate of internet you should know it. Because it's the only descent java application desktop i really know! And deserve spending my memory ram on it.

Like a desktop app only can run locally using your actual speed. In countries of Latin America we can support medium Internet speed.

The jDownloader have a web-application in that use <my-ipaddress>, very rare because a lot of software in that kind, have integrated a daemon what serve the web application like qBitorrent or Transmission.

Let's do the trick... For this I will need a cheap vps with java/openjdk installed and a ssh client.

you should follow the tutorial showed here:

$ wget
$ java -jar JDownloader.jar -norestart
|---------------------------Headless Information-------------------------------
|       MyJDownloader
|       Los datos de la cuenta de 'My.JDownloader' no son correctos.
|       Compruebe su Nombre de Usuario/Correo ElectrΓ³nico y ContraseΓ±a!
|       Enter y -> Enter Logins
|       Enter n -> Exit JDownloader
|       Please Enter your MyJDownloader Email:
|       Please Enter your MyJDownloader Password(not visible):


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As you can see, the jdownloader will prompt a login, now it's when you go to and register an account with a email.

introduce the same login in both side, on the website and the terminal.

After doing that we will use a little trick called ssh tunnel. where you can redirect all your local connections to the server like simulating are running locally executing:

ssh ubuntu@myvps -L 33561:localhost:33561

Doing that you have creating a connection from ipLocal:33561 to your ipaddressVps:33561 when you reload the will connect to <my-ipaddress> doing the same and PUM! You have your jdownloader using remotely.

jdownloader remote

The same trick works for windows using putty, only use 33561 instead of 8080.

Putty with ssh tunnel


take it very seriously this. Executing jdownloader remotely expose the port 33561 to internet what it mean anybody might connect to you without authentication and use jdownloader for download something malicious.

tcp        0      0 *               LISTEN      3007624/java         off (0.00/0/0)

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