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Generate your own application with End-to-End testing thanks to JHipster.NET

JHipster.NET and Cypress


When generating your application with JHipster.NET, you can decide to generate some optional Tests :

  • Performance tests with Gatling.
  • Behaviour-driven tests with Cucumber.
  • Angular/React/Vue integration tests with Cypress.

Today we're going to talk about Cypress, a next generation front end testing tool built for the modern web.

Generate Cypress tests

When generating your application, make sure to select Cypress (by pressing the space bar).
Choose Cypress

Run your Cypress tests

Once your application is generated, you can optionally add some entities (check this article to get started with entity generation), it will auto-generate the corresponding tests for your entities. Execute cypress using this command :

src/YourApplication/ClientApp/node_modules/.bin/cypress open
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Now you should be able to generate End-To-End tests though Cypress thanks to JHipster !
Feel free to contribute to JHipster.NET's GitHub repository and don't forget to put a star if you liked it.

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