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The Book for Basement Inhabitants

If you are a programmer or anyone who lives in the basement and wants to ruin your life, then you must read this book.

Few days ago, I read an eBook which I never wanted to get. It is called How to Die Alone. The book has more pictures than it has paragraphs and would take ≤27 min to read, even slowly.

It focuses on a MC who will help you make your life just like her. The main the MC would take you from being a piece of crap in your bed to destroying your friendships and also how to rig your office life.

Where to Get?

If you have money and time to buy the book, then you can get it from Here.
But if you don't, like me, then you can download it Here.


I read the book and from what I read, I can tell you that it really helps you focus on your life (kind of) and not get bored like other books.
So Good Luck being more miserable!

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