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Don't Feel Like Doing it?

So, you wake up and are ready to do your usual stuff. You want to code/work/study, but something happens, and you end up not only missing work but also feeling demotivated. The day has passed quite a lot. You have lost most of your productive hours etc.
Then, what should we do now?

What To DO?

First of all, no one else is gonna be there to help you and make you do your work. You are gonna be the one who is gonna help yourself. I ain't coming, your neighbor isn't coming, nor is your cat going to help you (under normal circumstances).

So, let's try to do something. Just a little, not much. Open your editor or book or laptop and try finding the smallest amount of work or maybe the work that would take you only a few minutes.

OK, we have successfully done something, kind of. Now, after recognizing the least significant amount of work ( even if you don't have a shortest small work, try finding a small portion of your big stuff ) go with a pure intention of doing that small work. It may be writing some comments in a code, or maybe correcting some errors, or reading a little bit of that book.

Now if you're not having that uhhhhhhh feeling, I think we should maybe try expanding our domain and do a little bit of related or same work. But if you are having that uhhhhhh feeling. Then I advise you to go and drink some water or maybe go for a walk and see if that helps. If not, then just go to sleep or come back next day.
Try comparing the little amount of work you did and realize that this could not have been there, and you did at least something.

How Is This Gonna Help?

I read a quote yesterday by Unknown and it went:
One year from now, you would wish that you had started today.
Also, think about the long term. Instead of wasting your full whole month or week doing nothing and scrolling over TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, you did something. if you did not construct a building , you placed at least a brick .
Those 1, 2 or 3 bricks a day are surely better than no bricks a day. And the final result is not gonna be seen just now.

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